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Bearing, Gasket & Seal Master Kit (Including Diff Case Bearings) for Chrysler 9.25", DRK-304MK

Price: $131.51
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Item Number: DRK-304MK
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Fits Chrysler 9.25" 2000 and earlier applications
Master Kit Contents
  • Pinion Head Bearing, M804049-M804010
  • Pinion Tail Bearing, M88048-M88010
  • Differential Bearings, 2 ea JLM704649-JLM704610
  • Pinion Seal, 5126
  • Pinion Nut
  • Crush Sleeve 
  • Gear Marking Compound & Brush
  • Thread Locker
  • RTV Sealant
  • Pinion Shims (Where Applicable)
  • Pinion Adjusting Shims
  • Differential Shims
  • Ring Gear Bolts